It's time to get serious about building a  Culture of Coaching?

A coaching culture is a key component of improving productivity, increasing retention, and driving business results. Organizations thrive when coaching flows up, down, and throughout the organization, with executive leaders leading the charge.

To discover what develops a coaching culture that drives lasting results, InsideOut Development and Chief Learning Officer Magazine conducted first-hand research with more than 500 organizations at various stages of implementing and perfecting a coaching culture.

This webinar explores the key elements of a mature coaching culture and how to effectively bring them into your organization.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • What makes a coaching culture successful (and what stands in the way)
  • How organizations with the strongest coaching cultures support their coaches
  • How coaching employees generates real business results

About the Presenter

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Nancy Q. Smith is Vice President of Product at InsideOut Development. When not working with her team to create new products and services, she partners with clients to build custom solutions. Before joining InsideOut, Nancy served as Director of Strategic Partnering for Exemplary Performance (EP) and as People Development Manager and Global Business Process Manager for Delphi Corporation. An experienced performance consultant, facilitator, and featured speaker for supply management and human resources, Nancy holds a Bachelor’s degree in communications and public relations from Wayne State University and a Master’s degree in communication studies from the University of Texas at Austin.