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Self-Coaching for Organizational Success

Anyone can learn the fundamentals of self-coaching in this on-demand course. Participants will learn how to harness their focus, get perspective, and chart their own course to achieve their individual breakthroughs.

While Breakthroughs helps individuals coach themselves to their best performance, it also supports team and department coaching initiatives. Team members learn a simple and replicable self-coaching process and seek perspective and coaching from others using the same methodology. Breakthroughs builds more resilient, accountable and self-starting employees and contributes to a coaching culture.

The learning experience includes:

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Breakthroughs and Coaching

Pairing Breakthroughs and InsideOut CoachingTM helps support a true coaching culture. These programs align individual contributors with leaders through a common coaching language, framework, and tools. By combining the two programs, you get the most out of both by providing a common approach to coaching conversations, an easy-to-use process for addressing opportunities and issues, and a simple framework that encourages and streamlines feedback.

The Ways Breakthroughs Can Be Implemented

Breakthroughs can meet your implementation plan wherever you and your people are. See the different ways you can implement the program depending on your learning audience.


  • Self-paced e-Learning (<2 hours)
  • Hosted on our platform or on yours
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Action challenges prompt putting new skills to work and allow for integration into manager conversations 


  • Two 2-hour sessions may be delivered over one day or two days
  • Delivered by InsideOut Development or certified Breakthroughs facilitator in your organization
  • Best-in-class virtual classroom


  • In-person classroom held in a 1/2 day format
  • Delivered by InsideOut Development or certified Breakthroughs facilitator in your organization
  • Rich in-person discussions and diverse perspectives